Moshe Shitrit

Electricity Authority

Moshe Shitrit holds a Bachelors degree in power engineering from the University of Ariel and Master of Business Administration from Ben Gurion University. Mr. Shitrit has been the chief of the licensing department at the Electricity Authority (EA) –since 2011. In this capacity he has enabled the development of private sector owned power stations, cogeneration, pumped storage projects and renewable energy projects in the electrical industry, from pre-development through design and building and on to commercial licensing, followed by supervision over project fulfillment of regulatory requirements. Similarly, Mr. Shitrit is responsible for licensing private distribution system owners, including those defined as “historical distribution” often existing in Kibbutz communities. From 2007-2011 Mr. Shitrit worked as an electrical engineer in the engineering division of the EA dealing with a variety of engineering and regulatory issues. Before that Mr. Shitrit worked as an electrical engineer for the Jerusalem region of the Israel Electric company designing electrical distribution systems after finishing service in the Israel Air Force as electronic warfare specialist.

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